Sunscreen vs Sunblock- How Do They Different?

Sunscreen vs Sunblock? You Need To Know The Basic Features To Let Your Differentiate Them Better.

Sunscreen vs sunblock are some of the most popular lotions or let’s say protective cosmetics that are commonly used by people who spend hours in the direct sunlight. Some people may not know the difference or the kind of protection that these kinds of theproduct give to the users.

There many people who are exposed to the direct sunlight all the day or they might have to spend some time under the sun and during this time period, the skin is exposed to broad spectrum sun rays including the UVA and UVB rays. Theses rays have to be encountered before they could affect the skin and destroy its natural texture causing wrinkles, dead cells and accumulation of melanin and impurities as well.

Though people may think that the function of sunblock and sunscreens are more or less the same. But there is a much difference in the way they are formulated and how they work to protect under the sun.

The Sunscreen

The sunscreen basically is a mixture of chemicals that are harmless to the skin and create a barrier or screen on the skin to help protect it from UVA rays by reflecting them back and protect the skin from getting affected by the broad spectrum rays. These sunscreen lotions come with various skin protection factors that could be SP515, SPF 30, SPF 50 etc. More value means more protection but it cannot be a 100 percent absolute value because no skin protection factor is capable of providing 100 percent skin protection using these sunscreens.

Sunscreen can be used during the day time even if you are exposed to the sunlight for a few hours or occasionally. Sunscreen is invisible and is lightweight. They are not noticeable on the skin and keep protecting the skin without any physical appearance.These can be used day long without any issues. Today sunscreens are also coming with the sun block features to provide a full-packed solution for skin protection from sunlight effects.

The Sunblock

The sunblock is rather different from that of the sunscreen. Due to the fact, the sun block is a visible barrier that stays on the skin and blocks the rays from penetrating into the skin and keep the skin safe from getting damaged.

These kinds of products are applied on the skin that creates a visible white layer on the skin. The sunblock lotions are good to use when people need to stay under the sunlight all the time and it works best when you need to protect your skin from strong sun rays.

Though sunblocks protect the skin well, it may feel somewhat heavy and would be more visible. These properties make it a little less applicable in routine work or in office settings. Sun blocks protect the skin from getting burned under the direct sun against the UVB rays. Blocking the rays from coming or penetrating the rays into the skin help prevent skin burns and tanning.

As a matter of fact, when you have to decide between the sunblocks vs sunscreen and you are not sure which one would work the best for you, you should either use a sunscreen that offers both sunscreen and sunblock properties or you may decide on the basis of the time spent under the sun and the intensity of the sunlight that is there. You may also consider the level of sensitivity of your skin and the time spent under the sun.In case you expect to have minor exposure, a sunscreen with SPF 15 or 30 would work easily while in case you expect to be exposed to the sun rays for a long period of time and the sun rays are falling straight or you have to stay out during the noon or when the temperature is its peak, you should go for a sunblock to avoid burning sensations or you may use sunscreen having sunblock as well.

Today, the sunscreens are also offered along with sunblock effect so you may wear it a day long without any kind of heavy feel on the skin and can still keep your skin safe from getting affected by the UVB and UVA rays which may cause burning and skin damage issues.

In order to keep you skin safe, always try to use a sunscreen that offers sufficient protection against the broad spectrum rays coming from the sun. It is clear that 100 percent protection would be difficult but in case you can lower the rays penetrating through your skin, you can lower the damage significantly and keep your skin away from getting hurt during the work time or when you are outdoors for certain reasons.

It is therefore recommended to have proper precautionary measure before you actually leave your home during the day time.

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