How Long Does Juvederm Last? All About Knowing And Using It Correctly

Need to know for how long does Juvederm last? Here are a few things you should know.

Using dermal fillers has been very common among people who have skin aging issues, skin damages, or sometimes people who need to add volume to some parts of their body may opt for dermal fillers.

Due to the fact, the dermal fillers which are used these days come from various resources and that is why they have different capabilities to last under your skin. There could be many other factors that determine for how long the filler would last and give you the results you need.

Many plastic surgeonsrecommend using the fillers according to the problems that are being treated, the area and the personal characteristics and requirements of the person being treated.

Different Kinds Of Dermal Fillers Used Today

The most common dermal fillers used today are:


• Hyaluronic acido

  • Restylaneo
  • Juvederm

All these kinds of dermal fillers are used on the basis of various factors that determine the time for which the dermal filler will stay under your skin and also how it will appear to satisfy your basic needs.

As stated by Michael J. Brown, MD Ashburn Plastic Surgeon, collagen lasts less long as it is obtained by the cow hide and that is why the body washes it out quickly. Whereas the HA fillers can stay longer as they are also present in thehuman body and if they are injected in a state having close and strong bonding with the molecules together, they can stay longer.

Juvederm Time Span

The Juvederm is soft and very easy to inject in can stay for 6 to 10 months of up to 1 year depending on the place where it is being injected. It is injected in lines and the can be used for a wide number of conditions.

Factors Affecting The Effects And Results Of Juvederm Filler

The time for which the Juvederm filler will last on your skin depends on the following factors:

The Layers To Which It Is Being Injected

It is important to know if the filler is injected into the correct layer of the skin. It should not be too superficial nor should it be too deep. It is important because it will determine the detection of the filler by the body and its removal.

The Part Or The Section Of The Body That Is Being Treated

The second factor that is important and may affect the results is the areas that are being treated. Due to the fact if the skin that is being treated is too damaged, prone to varying movements and is subjected to external factors frequently then keeping the filler in place can be an issue and it may not last longer or give the desired results for a longer period of time.

Body Weight And Shape Changes

Body weight and shape changes also determine the time for which the filler would last or give the results that were needed. If the person has the capability of losing weight with time and it is affecting the face and other parts of the body as well, then the filler may not stay as it was injected and can deteriorate its shape and position.

Aging Process

Aging causes changes in the skin and that may affect the positioning of the filler. This may affect the way your dermal filler will stay under your skin.

The Consistency

The consistency of the filler also matters.if the filler is injected in a closely bonded form, it can stay longer and if not it may get removed by the body enzymes quickly.

Juvederm is injected in a soft easy to inject state under the skin choosing the most appropriate layer of the skin to give the required results. It is injected in lines and the filler can be massaged to set in the right place easily. It can be used on the lips and for lines on the skin.

FAQ About Using Juvederm

People who need to use Juvederm or have decided to use Juvederm may have certain queries which can be as below:

For How Long It Takes To Diminish The Injection Bruises After Injecting Juvederm?

The bruises caused by Juvederm injections can last for a few days or it may take a few months as well to get rid of the bruises. You may take anti-inflammatory foods to reduce the bruising effects on your skin. Icing the skin is also effective in treating such bruises.

What If Lumps Appear On The Skin Where Juvederm Is Injected?

It is better to consult the surgeon who has injected the filler on your skin. Though you may use a little pressure using your fingers to massage the filler and distribute it evenly on your skin.

Can We Apply Makeup Products Or Cosmetics On The Treated Area?

Yes, it is fine and cosmetics for makeup can be used on the treated skin.

Is It Possible To Treat Upper Lip Wrinkles Using The Juvederm Filler?

It is definitely possible to treat upper lip wrinkles using the Juvederm injections. Though it is better to consult the surgeon to determine the right amount that is needed according to the severity of wrinkles and their location.

Is It Okay To Have Juvederm Injected During Pregnancy?

It is not recommended to have Juvederm injected during the pregnancy. Though, there are no potential hazards associated with it. But to make sure you stay safe and there is no harm involved, you should not opt for dermal fillers during pregnancy.

Precaution For Using Juvederm

To make sure you are not going to get into any kind of troubles, you need to be sure that you have stopped using alcohol, vitamin E, Gingko, Ginseng, Aspirin, Blood thinner medications etc. These substances can affect the filler and may alter the effects as well.

Juvederm is considered as a safe filler that is a derivative of hyaluronic acid and it is also there in our body. The effects of Juvederm may become apparent after a few days and may show some lumps and swelling which are common and may fade away after some time. The substance is soft and easy to inject and can be used easily. It may not cause a lot of pain and the pain can be reduced using some nerve block that makes it easy to administer. For bruises and blemishes using Arnica Montana helps in lowering the effects and pain and may help in improving the overall skin condition.

It has been proven that Juvederm can give better results if the factors affecting its appearance are controlled safely and it can last for 6 months to 1-year maximum. There is no granulomas development associated with the use of Juvederm. It is a safe product which has been approved by FDA.

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