Best Peel Off Mask for Blackheads

Peeling face masks have become a viral sensation, but do they work? Learn how to find the best peel off mask for blackheads that safely clears skin.​

Face masks are a common beauty treatment method for helping to get flawless facial skin. One of the trends in masks today is the peel off face mask. These are said to help with acne, especially blackheads buried beneath the surface of the pores. I want to show you a bit about what these masks are and how they work, then we’ll see which one are worth your time and which to avoid.

What is a Peel Off Mask?

Most peel off masks are made with a basic recipe that includes activated charcoal and some sort of soft adhesive substance. There are a lot of DIY recipes that use glue and charcoal to get a similar effect. The mask is applied as a soft gel-type liquid. When it dries on your face, you can then peel it off, removing the impurities from your skin with it.

Do Peel Off Masks Work for Blackheads?

These types of face masks are mostly praised for their work in clearing out blackheads. But, do they actually work in that capacity? Experts usually tell us that it really depends on the type of mask you’re using. The ones that help the most cleanse inside the blackhead sand replenish your skin with everything it needs to avoid future blackhead issues. Masks that don’t work well are those that simply rip the skin and dirt away with an adhesive.

Is it Safe to Use a Mask that Peels Off?

This is another area that experts have spoken out about. It’s widely agreed that harsh peel off masks are not a good idea for your skin, and they can cause permanent damage if you use them frequently. But, softer peel off masks that don’t use strong adhesive substances can be very healthy for your face, in moderation. All peel off masks should feature beneficial ingredients, not just the charcoal and adhesive.

The main problem is some peel off masks today, especially the DIY recipes, is that they remove the top layer of your skin along with the small hairs all over your face. They also take off the protective skin oils that usually coat your face. Not all oils lead to acne, and some facial oils are essential to keeping away bad bacteria that leads to acne and blackheads. Removing these oils consistently can lead to worse skin!

Peel off masks can get a bad reputation, but it’s not exactly earned. Masks that rip away your skin, hairs, and oils usually don’t even take the main impurities out of blackheads, simple removing the top layer and leaving the rest of the dirt down below. On the other hand, specially formulated masks with the right combination of antioxidants and exfoliating ingredients can cleanse deep into your pores and actually get rid of impurities from the inside out. This is much more effective for removing blackheads.

Softer peel off masks with ingredients that aren’t harsh on your skin are perfectly safe to use. As with every other beauty routine, it should be done in moderation and as recommended.

Most experts also agree that you’ll get even better overall benefits for your skin and cleaning out your pores if you apply a wet, warm towel or steam your face for 5 – 7 minutes before applying the mask. This will open up your pores and get them ready for a full cleanse, helping you actually clean out the blackhead, instead of removing the upper layer and leaving the true dirt.

Benefits of Peeling Blackhead Masks

The best peel off masks for blackheads will help you clear up the unpleasant signs of blackheads. Not only will these masks remove blackheads that already exist on your face, they’ll work together with your current facial routine to avoid future breakouts of blackheads. A happy, healthy face is less likely to have issues with breakouts!

Unlike the harsh masks, a good peeling mask will exfoliate more gently. Harsh masks exfoliate and remove an entire layer of skin, whereas gentler masks work to cleanse the existing skin of any issues rather that removing it. You will feel little or no pain using a gentler mask (harsh masks hurt a lot when you pull them off!), and the long-term benefits will be better.

Why Are Peel Off Masks Black in Color?

One of the single most commonly used ingredients in peel off masks is activated charcoal. It’s a fantastic ingredient for a mask, because it helps to spread the mask thin and evenly on the skin, and it’s a naturally porous material. Being porous, it makes for an excellent exfoliant that works to gently scrub away the dead skin and dirt built up on your face.

Black face masks are nothing to be afraid of. They can look a little funny at first, compared to other masks you’ve used in the past, but their color is perfectly natural from the charcoal. You should actually be glad for the color, since it means there is little chance that any artificial coloring was used in making the masks, which can lead to a better product that doesn’t irritate your skin!

But, even though charcoal is a very common ingredient, not all peel off masks are made using charcoal. Some use other ingredients to create a similar peel off mask that has similar benefits. What you choose for your face is up to you and depends on your skin type.

How to Choose the BEST Peel Off Mask for Blackheads

What makes one mask better than another? Here are some of the things to look for in the best peel off mask for blackheads:

Natural Ingredients

Synthetic compounds and harsh chemicals have never been good for your skin. A great mask will feature an ingredient list that includes all natural ingredients and few or no chemical components. It’s better to buy a peel off mask from a trusted source than to try to follow a DIY recipe online and hope for the best!


One of the single best things you can do for your face, especially when fighting acne, is to apply a product that features antioxidants. These helpful nutrients will work together to strengthen your body and help it fight against bacteria that causes acne. In truth, acne is much more than just clogged pores, although that can sometimes be a cause of acne. The worst offender is bacteria on the skin, which can be effectively combatted with the right mix of antioxidants. It’s a safe and effective method to help with your acne and blackheads.

Using masks with antioxidants will give you more long-term benefits than masks without any sort of antioxidants. The acne fighting powers of these masks will far outweigh those without antioxidants in the end.

Mild Peels

Remember to look for masks that use softer peeling methods, not those that remove the entire top layer of your skin. Activated charcoal is a fine ingredient for blackhead masks, since it does boast natural exfoliation abilities, but it’s the other ingredients that can be trickier. Search for those that are naturally softer on the skin, instead of having a strong adhesive. There are too many chemicals and variants to make an accurate list, but a good rule of thumb is that a painful peel is too harsh.


As with any beauty product you’ll be applying to your face, search for ingredients that are non-comedogenic. There is a whole range of ingredients that are rated from 0 to 5 on the comedogenic scale. Lower scores are positive, while higher scores are bad for those with acne issues. The lower scores simply mean that particles in a particular ingredient are very unlikely to clog pores or cause acne, pimples, or blackheads in any other way. Higher numbers mean a higher likelihood of issues.

Remember that this can still vary from person to person based on different factors. Although an ingredient may be non-comedogenic, it might still cause acne if it dries out facial skin too much or reacts negatively with your body.

Top 10 Best Peel Off Mask for Blackheads

10. Aivoye Suction Black Mask Deep Cleansing Face Mask

Skins oils and dirt get clogged in your pores a lot, and that’s what this face mask wants to fight. It works by attaching to the dirt inside of your pores and pulling it out as you peel the mask off. In addition, it reduces the amount of oil on your face, helping you to avoid getting a clog right after you’ve cleaned your face. Instead of just being a reflexive response to blackheads, this mask helps you prevent future acne and blackhead breakouts if you use it regularly.


  • Useful for your full face
  • Can be used on other parts of the body as well
  • Easy to apply on your face
  • Starting point of the peel is easy to find


  • You must apply it in a thick, even coating or it won’t work properly
  • Takes longer to dry than a lot of other masks

9. Toullgo Blackhead Remover Mask, Black Mask

This is a deep cleaning blackhead remover that’s meant to be absorbed into the pores, so you can pull out all the junk from your face at once. It’s made from bamboo charcoal, and you can apply it on your whole face to help with your blackheads and acne. Or, apply it to trouble spots only. Peel it off once the mask dries, and watch your blackheads get cleaned out before your eyes!


  • Pores will usually shrink in size as you continue using the mask
  • Very effective deep cleaner
  • Easy to wash off if you apply it on your eyebrows or hair accidentally
  • Great for blackheads around the nose and chin
  • Works well with oily skin


  • Some chemicals used in this mask may cause irritation for sensitive skin types
  • Removes most fine hairs from the face as you pull it off

8. Silvercell Bamboo Charcoal Deep Clean Peel Off Mask

Sold in a jar rather than a tube, this mask comes as a cream instead of a liquid, making it easier to apply a perfect coating on your face. It’s similar to a mud mask in its feel and application, but it peels off and removes blackheads like other charcoal masks. The charcoal is made from bamboo, giving it some of the properties of the original plant.

It’s better as a mask for specific parts of the ace, not for the whole face. If you want to, you can simple apply it on the T zone, especially the nose area.


  • Satisfying clean feeling when you remove the mask
  • Targeted at removing blackheads from the face
  • Softer after use
  • Removes a lot of dirt and oils
  • Best results if you wash your face before using it and apply a toner afterwards


  • Directions and labels are written in Chinese
  • Painful to remove
  • Should not be used more than once per week

7. LuckyFine Blackhead and Acne Peel Off Mask

Meant to be used mainly for the nose and T zone, this black mask is targeted at removing blackheads, dirt, and grime beneath the surface of your skin. It helps to control oily skin by removing excess oils and cleaning out clogged pores.

While it’s not meant for promoting overall skin health, the mask is designed to effectively remove blackheads and dirt from deep within the pores. If you use the right dosage for a mask, it is easy to remove and works well to help control blackheads.


  • Easy mask to apply
  • Helps to make the pores smaller over time
  • Leaves you feeling fresh and clean
  • Softly scented


  • Not a good product for sensitive skin types
  • Hard to grab a good edge to peel it off

6. Daiso Japan Natural Pack Charcoal Peel Off Mask (Set of 4)

While it’s not a well-known fact, the Japanese have been using charcoal in facial masks for hundreds of years. This set of masks was formulated using traditional, natural ingredients that promote healthy skin and remove blackheads and acne.

This mask is a full-face mask that can be used up to once per week. You’ll get four tubes of the liquid mask when you make a purchase, giving you a long-lasting supply to keep your face shining.


  • 4 tubes per purchase
  • Only a thin layer is needed for a full facial mask
  • Really cleanses deep to remove the whole blackhead, not just the surface mark
  • Doesn’t strip your entire face


  • Everything written on the tube + instructions are in Japanese
  • May take 30+ minutes to dry
  • Liquid mask is thick and gooey, may be hard to apply without a solid instrument

5. Freeman Cucumber Facial Peel Off Mask

A comfortable alternative to activated charcoal masks, this cucumber facial peel off mask is a refreshing way to improve your facial skin. It’s able to help cleanse blackheads and pimples, but also helps to eliminate the causes of acne by removing bacteria from your skin. The vitamins and antioxidants naturally found in cucumbers, melons, and ginseng are used to make your skin silky smooth and keep it free of acne.

Freeman doesn’t do animal testing on any other their products, and this mask is made completely cruelty-free.


  • Shining skin after you remove the mask
  • Works well for sensitive skin
  • Only a little bit of product is needed to form a whole face mask
  • Doesn’t hurt when peeling off like other masks


  • Doesn’t give the deep peeling sensation of other masks
  • Cannot be pulled off unless it’s completely dried

4. Queen Helene Original Formula Antioxidant Grape Seed Extract Peel Off Masque

A clear peel off mask with a range of antioxidants and vitamins, this mask is made with natural ingredients that will help your skin to glow and get softer. It dries in around 10 – 15 minutes with a thin layer, then peels off easily by hand.

This mask doesn’t cleanse as deeply as some other peel off masks, and it doesn’t include the charcoal that naturally exfoliates, although there are other exfoliating materials used instead. No harsh chemical additives are present in the mixture.


  • Works well on some blackheads
  • Effective for many different skin types
  • Feels good when you apply it to your skin
  • Scented, but not strongly
  • Helps to tighten your skin


  • Thicker than some other types of peel off masks
  • Doesn’t pull as deeply as some other masks

3. Cidbest Suction Black Mask

This black charcoal peel off mask from Cidbest is packed with a mixture of vitamins and essential nutrients for your skin. While it’s drying on your face, the nutrients are also getting absorbed to hydrate the skin and make it healthier. Beyond deep cleaning removing blackheads and pimples, this mask also has anti-aging benefits.

Apply the mask with a soft brush or your figures. This mask can be used as a general face mask, or you can apply it to separate trouble spots where your concentration of blackheads is the heaviest.


  • Comes with directions on how to apply it to your face
  • Peels off easily if you let it dry completely
  • You can wash the mask off with water if it’s accidentally applied in soft areas
  • Gives you soft skin after you remove the mask


  • Some chemical ingredients used in the mask
  • You may need to wipe some pieces that don’t peel off

2. Freeman Facial Mask Bundle

This isn’t an individual product, but is actually a combination of 4 different facial masks, 2 of which are peel off face masks. Not your traditional black charcoal masks, the two included peel off masks carry wonderful antioxidant rich ingredients, such as extracts of cucumbers and pomegranates.

Useful for many different skin types, this package is made with different masks to compensate for issues of various types of skin from oily to dry or combination. You may not like all of the masks in the set, but it’s a good package to let you try a lot of different masks, including 2 rejuvenating peel off masks for your blackheads and pimples.


  • Great selection of multiple face masks
  • Antioxidants in the peel off masks have excellent long-term effects on acne and blackheads
  • Good value for your money
  • Skin feels soft after you peel off the masks
  • Hydrates your skin well


  • These are scented products, which you may not like if you want something more discreet
  • Not a good mask set for sensitive skin

1. CidbestPurifying Bamboo Charcoal Peel Off Mask

As a blackhead and anti-oil mask, this charcoal mask mixture helps to detoxify your facial skin. For the best results, you’ll want to open up your pores with a warm towel or a steam treatment before you apply the mask. It will take around 25 – 30 minutes to dry the mask completely before you can peel it off.

You should apply this mask with a flat makeup brush, not your fingers. It’s a soft, but thick mixture that’s easy to use and comfortable to apply. Wherever you have blackhead problems, you should apply the mask, not on your full face.


  • Skin feels soft after using the mask
  • Easy to apply in a thin layer
  • Great for those with oily skin
  • Helps remove many blackheads
  • Removes dirt from pores


  • Painful to remove
  • Uses adhesives in the ingredients
  • Light odor


From the masks I’ve talked about above, I want to recommend the Cidbest Purifying Bamboo Charcoal Peel Off Mask as the best peel off mask for blackheads. It’s made with a good list of ingredients that won’t be too harsh on your skin. Plus, it’s not as painful as some peel off masks, making it a good fit for a lot more people. It’s an easy and effective way to help control your blackheads.


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