Why Is My Face Darker Than My Body?

A very common question that is in the mind of people having an uneven skin tone is that when they ask: why is my face darker than my body? It seems natural if you have a light or dark skin tone throughout your body, but sometimes when you have to wear party dresses, gym outfit or something that exposes your chest area, shoulders,and back or the tummy, you might feel conscious as having darker skin tone on your face as compared to the rest of your body.

There could be many reasons for having a darker face and a light skin tone on your whole body. Though one of the very common reasons people may give to each other is that, the face is continuously exposed to the direct sunlight or sun rays and many other environmental factors you may not even know that is why it becomes darker. Whereas the rest of your body stays covered most of the time and has a lighter skin tone.This phenomenon can be proven by observing the skin of the people who wear certain short clothes or have certain areas on the body that remain uncovered for most of the day, e.g shoulders, back or legs. You can see these areas also exhibit slightly darker skin tone than the covered areas on their body.

So, it is a fact that external factors can increase the risk of developing darker face because of excessive exposure to such damaging factors.In addition to that, the eating habits, your skin care habit may also impact the skin tone on your face and makes it look darker and worn out as compared to your chest and back areas or the whole body.

Different Factors That Make Your Facial Skin Look Darker Than Your Body

If you have been asking your friends why is my face darker than my body? then here are some possible answers you may interpret the main causes:

1. Direct Exposure to Sunlight and UV Rays

If you are a working lady or a person who spends most of the day under the direct sunlight, then you have a sure risk of developing a tanned skin tone or a darker skin on your face. Due to the fact, the UV rays and sunlight enhances the development of the skin pigment and that makes the face darker than other parts of the body that are not exposed to the sunlight. If you don’t take proper measure, the skin tone will not be improved at all.

2. Exposure to Dust and Dirt

People living in areas where there is a lack of clean air and has a lot of dust hovering in the air or traffic smoke, they are likely to develop darker skin tone.

3. Using Low-Quality Cosmetics

Using low-quality cosmetics can also ruin the skin cells and that may cause the development of dead skin cells on the upper surface layer of the skin causing it to look older and darker with dark spots.

4. Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is another common cause of having a darker skin tone on your face. It occurs among individuals having low iron content in their blood, sun-caused skin damage, acne vulgaris, and inflamed skin. The resultant is an increased production of melanin, “the darkening agent” that makes the skin tone darker as compared to the rest of the skin on your body.

5. Acne Spots and Dark Spots

Acne and pimples leave spots behind even after you have cured of the issue, your skin will have spots that collectively gives a dark shade on the skin.

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6. Rosacea

Though rosacea refers to a rose like redness on the skin, severe conditions may result in a skin tone that is darker and tanned and gives an uneven skin tone on your face.

7. Sensitive Skin with Increase Blood Flow

Some people have an overly sensitive skin especially on their face, and that means, increased blood flow in the capillaries that covers your facial area and increased vulnerability. Such a skin ends up in having tanned skin tone with a little exposure to the sun rays and extreme weather conditions.

8. Presence of Darker Colors Facial Hairs

If you have more hairs on your face which are dark brown or black in color, you may not see yourself as fair as you are. You may get rid of facial hair to unveil your actual skin tone.

9. Excessive Sebum or Oily Skin

Oily skin is a major reason people have a darker skin on their face as compared to the whole body. If you are a person having an oily skin, it will release more sebum and skin oils causing the skin reflect a darker skin tone and also attracts more dust into the skin pores making it give a dull look. Excessive oil also causes uneven skin tone as some areas may give out more oils than others.

10. Presence of Dead Skin Cells

Having dead skin cells on the face creates a whole layer of dull skin on your face and that results in the darker face.

All of these possible factors and conditions or a few of them may play an important role in giving you a darker face as compared to the skin on your body. You might figure out what causes you have faced and you can surely get rid of the problems in an effective manner.

Some Skin Care Hacks:

• Drink a lot of water

• Use moisturizer before sleep

• Cleanse your face daily

• Use proper SPF lotion or use sunblock before going out

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