What Are The Best Ways To Apply For Quick Sun Spot Removal?

Sun spot removal remedies are some of the most asked about remedies that people would ask for others or their dermatologists most of the time. Though these spots are sometimes mixed up with the terms age spots, or acne spots as well. The mix-up happens because the color and natureare the same. Though causes can be different as you may have dark spots in reaction to the pimples or some melanin collection due to theaging process. But the sun is the major factors enhances and induces the development of dark spot on the facial skin.

Due to the fact, the basic factor that causes the sunspot is the accumulation of melanin under the skin cells that occur as a reaction to the UV rays coming from the sun. When the skin is exposed to these rays for a long time without being blocked by the sun protection factor on the skin, you are more likely to develop sun spots on the skin that causes darkening of the skin.

Sun spots may appear on the whole face or you may observe them on cheeks, cheek bone and on the nose. No matter how much your skin is affected and how many spots you have developed, you can still treat them using various homemade remedies as well as through medical skin treatments.

Here are a few solutions to help you out:

Homemade Remedies For Sun Spot Removal

There are many different ways to help your skin get toned, develop even complexion throughout your face. You just have to identify certain elements that can affect your skin in lowering the component named Melanin. You either need to apply certain treatment mixtures or you may use the various natural ingredients at home that will lower the accumulation of Melanin on your skin and would be protecting the skin from sun damage. Here are some home remedies you may use for sun spot removal or you may also keep them handy to avoid sun damages in advance:


Buttermilk is one of the best solutions for providing your skin the hydration and cover that it needs for protection against the sun damage. This is the mixture that you’ll get when extracting butter. The milk fat is fermented to make yogurt and then the butter is extracted from the top accumulated foam-like layer. After the procedure has been completed, the leftover is the buttermilk having lots of properties of butter, yogurt, and milk itself. You can use this on your affected skin area that will not only cleanse your face but will also leave your skin spotless with regular usage.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent that helps in removing dead skin cells, helps hydrate the skin, tone the skin cells and make sure to add in lots of natural Vitamin C for healthy glowing skin. Vitamin C is an active agent that will help reduce and wash away the melanin content on your facial skin.


Potatoes work best for removing sun spots on your face. It also has some natural ingredients like Vitamin C and manganese which can help in reducing the dark spots and help heal the skin from sun damage. You can use crushed raw potatoes mask or use slices of potatoes on your face.


Tomatoes are also rich in vitamin C. Tomatoes in acombination of cucumber can be a great clarifying mask for your use to reduce sun spots gradually.

Honey And Lemon

Honey and lemon also help in reducing the sun spots. You can use this mask twice aweek or once for better results.

Medical Treatment And Modern Technologies

In addition to the natural remedies you may also look for some medical treatments using modern technologies which can be in following areas:


Cryosurgery is a method that is used to remove sun spots through freezing technique. The sun post is treated with extremely low temperature on the spot using nitrogen or argon. The spots turn white and frozen and can be removed later on.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is also helpful in getting rid of sun spots. You may opt for laser sun spot removal through qualified skin specialist. The length and intensity of the laser treatment depend on the size and the depth of the sun spots on your face.

Chemical Peel

A chemical peel is another treatment offered by askin specialist. This includes the application of chemical masks that help to remove the melanin from the skin. The frequency and the time the spots take to fade away is dependent on the depth of the spots and their size as well.

Beauty Care Solutions

In addition to the treatments and remedies, you may also use certain whitening creams which have proven effects and have medical values as well to improve your skin texture and reduce the darkening content as well. You may find face washes, whitening creams, and skin protection factor solutions to reduce the risks of developing dark spots on your skin.

For sun spot removal you should be careful in selecting the products you buy, because your skin may get oversensitive to the things you use on it. It is always better to ask your skin consultant for a better adviceregardingsun spot removal.

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