How to Remove Deep Blackheads from Your Face?

Pores play a vital role in health skin, but they are immensely frustrating at times. When blackheads appear on your pores, the first thing you think about is how to get rid of them! While some blackheads are right on the surface, others are buried deeper in the pore. I want to help you understand what causes deep blackheads so we can figure out together how to remove deep blackheads!

What Are Blackheads?

First off, blackheads are simply blockages in your pores. Any pore can develop a blackhead, whether it’s on your face or any other part of your body. It’s common to get them on your face, because of sebum (facial oils) mixing with dirt and small particles from the air. This mix is bad news for your pores, which need to be clear to work properly. Clogged pores can turn into blackheads or pimples.

Unfortunately, blackheads don’t only form in pores. Hair follicles are also common places for blackheads to develop, as dead skin cells and dirt get caught in the follicle as it releases sebum. This is another, arguably more common, way that blackheads get on your face and body. The reason blackheads are black in color is because the sebum inside has been exposed to the air, causing it to oxidize.

How Deep Blackheads Are Different from Regular Blackheads?

Regular blackheads appear more visible on the top of your skin, and usually have a deeper black coloring that stands out. Deep blackheads can sometimes look smaller, because they are more tucked away into your pore. They may even have a thin layer of skin over the top at times, though this is not common.

Make sure you’re not mistaking regular sebum filaments in your pores for blackheads. You can usually tell the difference by looking at the characteristics of the spot. If there are many in a random pattern in a specific area, it may just be filaments, because blackheads are not usually tightly packed. Blackheads are also generally larger than filaments, and are a bit more raised around their edges while filaments are smooth.

Causes of Deep Blackheads

What creates deep blackheads? The same thing that causes regular blackheads. It may seem strange, but actually deep blackheads don’t have any sinister way of coming into existence. Sometimes, you are just unlucky and a regular blackhead will become a deep blackhead instead.

How to Remove Deep Blackheads?

You can try a number of different methods to remove your deep blackheads. Here are a few effective things to try:

Method #1: Blackhead removal face masks

Masks can have just the right properties needed to pull out blackheads. Some of the most common blackhead removal masks are black charcoal masks. You will paint them onto your face with a brush and pull them off only after they dry completely.

These masks visibly pull out the junk from inside of your blackheads, and they work fairly well for most people. You will want to use some sort of moisturizer afterwards to help your skin stay healthy. It’s a good idea not to use these masks more than once a week.

Method #2: Steam and extraction or exfoliation

It’s long been said that steam helps to open your pores. While this isn’t true, steam does help loosen sebum and dirt that’s lodged inside your pores and hair follicles. That makes it a valuable tool for reaching blackheads. Steaming your face for 5 – 10 minutes will loosen up the clog enough for you to release it more easily.

Use a simple exfoliator to remove the dirt after you’ve steamed your face. Or, use a blackhead extractor to work it out. Try not to use your fingernails or hands unless there is nothing else available, since this may cause more harm than good in the long run but damaging pores and creating clogs around the area.

Method #3: Blackhead extractor tools

Blackhead extractors aren’t very appealing tools, but they do work wonders if you have them under the right conditions. Deep blackheads are harder to extract using these tools, but it’s still possible, especially if you loosen the sebum beforehand.

Look for a tool with a small metal loop on one end. The loop is useful for placing around the blackhead, then pushing down. It will extract it in a similar way as you would if you popped it, but without as much risk of damaging your skin or creating other pore or follicle clogs in the process of removing the one.

Method #4: Oil drying masks

Just like blackhead removal masks work well to get rid of deep blackheads, so oil drying masks can help to remove blackheads. Masks with avocado, lemon, egg whites, honey, cinnamon, or turmeric all work well, since these ingredients work to remove excess oils. Be sure not to use an oil drying mask more than once per week, since it may backfire and cause a larger oil production if you use it too often.

Method #5: Baking Soda Wash

Baking soda can cleanse your pores deeply when made into a paste. You can mix the baking soda with mineral water or distilled water until it’s pasty, then apply it to the area with blackheads. Allow it 15 – 20 minutes to get into your skin if you have deep blackheads. Once it has completely dried all over, wash it off with warm water until there’s no more paste or residue left on your skin.

This method may work better if you use steam to loosen the sebum before you apply the paste. Adding lemon juice (fresh) to the mix may also help it because of the anti-bacterial properties of lemons. This can make your skin irritated, and shouldn’t be used for sensitive skin or skin that’s just been treated with any harsh skincare routine.

Preventing Deep Blackheads

Here are a few ways you can help to prevent deep blackheads from popping up again after you’ve gotten rid of them:

- Diet changes

Greasy, sugary, or oily foods tend to cause breakouts and blackheads, even if they don’t touch your skin at all while you’re eating. Cut these foods out of your diet and substitute them with healthier alternatives to see some improvement in your skin.

- Proper skincare routine

Understand your skin type and how you need to take care of it. Wash your face with soft cleansers, exfoliate weekly, and moisturize. This kind of routine will help you prevent blemishes of all kinds, including blackheads.

- New makeup or moisturizers

Some products we apply to our faces are the cause of deep blackheads. Most notably, makeup can easily clog pores and make your skin break out with pimples and blackheads. If you do wear makeup or use a moisturizer, make sure it’s non-comedogenic.

- Lifestyle changes

If you’re frequently around areas where dirt and grease are in the air, your face will not be able to stay clean and blackhead-free. If there are any changes you can make to avoid being in dirt areas with polluted air, this will help improve your skin quality.

Should You Remove Blackheads?

There is a debate about whether you should actually remove blackheads or let them come out naturally over time. While no conclusion is unanimously agreed by every dermatologist, many say it is fine to remove deep blackheads as long as you are using a good method. Most dermatologists agree that trying to squeeze out blackheads with your finger is a bad idea that can lead to potential scarring or worse acne. Make sure you learn how to remove blackheads properly before you do anything!


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