How to lighten your eyes- commonways to get light colored eyes

How to lighten your eyes? Eye color plays an important role in determining the attractiveness of a human’s personality. All of us come up with a unique shade in our eyes. Though, different types of eye colors can be categorized as different shades of brown, black, gray, blue, green and hazel. Definitely, the color of the eye is due to the color of the iris which is an inherited characteristic and is determined by the specific genes or a mutant gene that maintains the color in the eyes.

In most cases, people inherit the same or a relevant color as their parents do and there is a rare chance that a person develops oppositely colored eyes which are not similar to the parent eye color. It might happen if a gene mutation takes place during the development of the offspring but most commonly it is more or less the same orsometimes different shades of the parent eye color.

As a matter of fact, there are certain colors that are more attractive than others. According to a social research, dark brown eyes are the least attractive eyes whereas green, hazel and blue colored eyes are considered to be the most attractive eye colors around the world. Due to this, when people strive to have attractive eyes, they may want to have a lighter eye color.

Factors That Determine Your Eye Color

Eye color is no doubt a product of genes that reflect the inherited eye color. It cannot be changed with herbal or natural ways but it can be changed in case your eyes got blurry or have ruptured veins or have lots of impurities floating on its upper surface.

Here are a few factors that may affect the actual color of your eye:

• The genetic origin is the basic cause that makes the eye color the way it is determined according to the particular genetic makeup of the person.

• Certain medical conditions also affect the eye color because when your body has some illness, your eyes may become dull or dark colored and will lose the crystal clear reflective upper layer. Such a condition can be improved by using some medicated drops of using honey. But honey is never recommended to be used directly, rather it needs to be diluted with water first.

How To Lighten Your Eye Color Permanently And Temporarily?

If you also need to know abouthow to lighten your eyes naturally or using various medical and surgical procedures, you can look into the following methods which are safe and applicable in many cases:

Lightening Eye Color Using Honey

Honey has an acidic nature having a pH around 3.9 and that makes it a clarifying agent. It is used to purify the skin and also used in adrink to remove internal toxins. It has many health benefits. Due to these benefits, many people suggest that honey can be used to lighten the eye color because it has bleaching properties.

Though there has been a lot of debate that opposes this assumption. Due to the fact, the honey can only clarify the eyes when used with a ratio of 1:5 drops of water. In this mixture, 1 drop of honey is mixed with 5 drops of water and used in the form of droplets poured into the eyes and it is assumed that it lightens the eye color.

But there is nothing that backs this assumption and according to biological sciences, the eye color has a genetic origin and we cannot change it by using honey. Rather it only helps to remove impurities from the eyeball and makes it look lighter and clearer than before.It has been seen that people on the net share recipes and mixtures saying that this would lighten the eye color, but it is actually clarifying and helps unveil the true color of your eye.

How To Lighten Your Eyes Using Stroma Therapy And Laser Treatment?

Another way to lighten the eye color is through stroma therapy. It is a surgical treatment in which the iris is exposed to a low-intensity beam of laser and that unveils the inner lighter colored layer of the iris. It is a bit complicated procedure and needs lots of considerations before applying it on any patient. Many surgeons claim to have crucial tests to make sure the patient has suitable internal body conditions to support the surgical procedure and the healing process that is needed to get the desired results.

The eyes are treated separately so that when one is treated, the other one is available to see while the stroma treated eye will heal on its own within a few days if kept in care with sufficient medication.The other eye is treated after the first one is healed so that there is no issue for the patient to loom around.

Using Contact Lenses To Lighten You Eye Color

The most common and an easy way to change or lighten the eye color temporarily is by using colored contact lenses. These lenses come in various colors and you can choose the one you like and use it when you have to catch up with some style essentials.

Still, using contact lenses is not as ordinary as it seems to be. You have to select the right quality and the right kind of lenses that will suit your eyes and will give you the kind of effects that you want to see. You have to make sure to keep the lenses clean and safe from getting damaged to keep your eyes safe. You need to keep them hydrated and damage free to make sure your eyes will be safe while wearing them.

Temporary Eye Color Lightening Using Light Colored Eye Makeup And Clothes

In addition to all these procedures and various ways to lighten your eye color, you may also try giving some light color effects using various eye colors and wearing light colored clothes.

This technique works best when you have light brown eyes. By using different colors having a lighter tone, or the desired tone, you can give a different look in your eyes as the color may reflect and show off in the eyes.

Among the above-mentioned tactics, we have discussed the use of natural procedures as well as the surgical procedures that may help you find the best ways to lighten your eyes. Though the herbal procedures and lenses are not permanent and you may need to keep up with the methods to get the desired color in your eyes. But if you want to know how to lighten your eyes on a permanent basis, you may go for stroma treatment.

It is always better to ask an expert or your doctor who will be able to suggest you the best methods and may help you lighten your eyes in an effective manner.

Due to the fact, your eyes are delicate and your sight depends on it, you should not take any kind of risks while treating and lightening its color. You should only use the methods that are safe and can work at the best to provide the desirable color in a safe way.

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