Best Skin Care Tips For a Healthier, Younger Skin Everyday

What is the best skin care tips for a healthier skin? Everyone needs a healthier, younger looking skin. To get a healthier skin that shines and gives a bright look on your face, you need to take care of it on a regular basis. Though some people may need to take care of their skin a little more than others. You may see people having a normal skin might need to cleanse and tone their skin but there is no need to get on a tough routine on this, while people having oily, combination and extremely dry skin are some of the most sensitive skin types that people may have to take care of a lot.

It is for sure if you have too sensitive skin your skin will be affected by each of the factors acting on it many times more, as compared to the normal skin which may resist to the damaging forces more effectively.

So, if you are the person who has been blessed with a healthy, normal skin you may have to make sure to maintain its health. Whereas if you own an oily or dry skin you need to have a skin care regime to follow on a regular basis.

It is also said that the skin type of the condition of the skin may get changed depending on how much it is exposed to the external harmful factors, what are your body’s internal conditions and how well you care and maintain your health and especially your skin.

Here in the following paragraphs, we’ll be discussing some skin care tips for each skin type separately to keep it younger and healthier for a long time.

Basic Care Tips For a Normal Skin:

Normal skin is definitely the easiest to care type of skin that needs little regular care, it stays fresh, is plumper and has more elasticity in it. The normal skin also is less prone to the external damaging factors, though you may have to be careful and still care for your skin to make sure it stays unaffected. Normal skin has a balanced oil content and you need to make sure it doesn’t get activated more by the internal hormonal changes and sun damage.

So, to keep your skin as healthy as it is for a longer period of time so that you may look younger and avoid wrinkles and fine lines, you may need to try the following tips:

Daily Needs Of a Normal Skin

Your normal skin needs to be cleansed and washed twice a day using a mild soap. After washing the face, you need to put on a mild toner and a mild moisturizer having a low oil content to keep and maintain a soft skin texture without drying it out.

Make sure to use a mild moisturizer at night as well that will keep the skin restored and refreshed. Further, it is better to use a quality sunscreen lotion so that the skin stays away from damages and may not develop wrinkles and fine lines due to that.

Face Packs To Try On a Normal Skin:

Most commonly the face packs and face masks which are recommended for the normal skin are those having a balanced pH and moisture to keep the skin its best state. Some of the freshly made face packs that would be beneficial for a normal skin are:

The Fruit Ninja Mask

Try using apple, strawberries, pear, and grapes mashed together in a paste form. Apply the face pack on the face and leave it to rest on your skin for about 20 minutes. Wash off with Luke warm water. It will leave your skin refreshed, revitalized and will give a natural glow on it.

Grapefruit And Oatmeal Pack

Grapefruit has vitamin C in it while the oatmeal gives a lot of nutrients to keep the skin pH normalized. This mask helps in removing the dead skin cells. It makes the skin smooth and gives it a fresh look.

Basic Skin Care Tips For Oily Skin

Oily skin is considered to be the most problematic and messy skin type that creates a lot of troubles for the one who owns it. To keep your skin away from long term damages, severe skin issue sand various problems, you need to counter the various skin issues that you may experience with your oily skin on a timely basis.

Usually, oily skin brings large and expanded skin pores with excessive oil in it because of higher activity of sebum producing glands beneath the upper skin layers. The skin becomes more sensitive because it attracts dust and pollutant and it also becomes a welcoming surface for the germs and bacteria.

To keep it in a good state the person need to keep the oil content in control through proper diet, enough water intake and hygienic control on the skin.

Oily skin needs lots of help in reducing the various risks causing skin problems on it. That is why the person who has oily skin needs to be consistent in caring for the skin to avoid serious issues.

Daily Routine:

For oily skin, you need to use a mild or medicated face wash that is capable of controlling oil production without drying it out. It is better to wash your face around 3 times with a face wash or make sure to splash pure, cold water to wash off the dust and dirt from the skin and also helps in controlling the oil in the pores. It also reduces the activity of the oil producing cells under the skin so your skin stays oil free and fresh all the time.

After washing your face, apply oil-free moisturizer to help avoid dryness issues.

Face Packs And Home Remedies For Oily Skin:

Using face packs and masks for controlling oil content on your face is one of the best and most effective techniques that will not only help in reducing the existing issues but it will also ensure a long lasting skin maintenance to keep it looking healthy and young.

Lemon Masks

Lemon and egg white mask is a miracle mask or oily skin. It clears away oil and dirt, reduce the appearance of pores on the skin and keep skin fresh. It also helps controlling melanin hence reduces dullness and darkened spots.

Oatmeal And Aloe Vera Mask

Aloe Vera is a rich and hydrating plant that helps in hydrating the skin without adding greasy touch. It also has antiseptic qualities and contains vitamin E which helps recover the natural glow and turgidity of the skin cells. It is best or oily skin when used as a moisturizer and a cleanser. Oatmeal mixed with aloe Vera gel ensures to provide an excellent face pack that helps in removing dirt and dead skin cells and also makes sure to revive the skin cells naturally.

Vegetables And Fruit Based Face Packs

Tomatoes and potatoes in combination with lemon are best face pack ingredients for keeping oily skin healthy and young and keep the skin away from getting into pimple breakouts. Applying cucumber on the face or applying its juice frequently makes skin feel soft and supple and reduced the oil content hence removes pimple issues and acne.

A person with oily skin should avoid oily foods, carbonated drinks, and high sugar content foods. Regular skin care with quality products and oil free substances may help in keeping oily skin fresh and healthy for a long time.

Caring For Dry Skin:

Dry skin has low water content, no oil and can be patchy in some cases. It has closed skin pores, may acquire wrinkles more quickly and dryness is the major issues. For such a skin the person should be following the routine as follows:

• Make sure to use mild soap and don’t use soap of face wash frequently.

• Make sure to use moisturizer after each wash. Make sure to have a certain amount of oil in your moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated and soft.

• Almond oil is very good for treating the dry skin as it is rich in Vitamin E and keep the skin in its natural state with the perfectly elastic texture and fresh glow. It helps to prevent dryness, patches, and redness that can be caused due to damaged cells.

No scrubbing is needed, rather the skin should be treated with mild substances to soothe the dryness issues.

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